Welcome to Sunshine Salad Bar!

Salad Bowl

We are an innovative restaurant, catering and decor service. We are deeply passionate about ingredients, health, wellness and bringing joy to our community through our food and service.

Sunshine was established in February 2002. We started out as a small team of three with a few ingredients, and a lot of excitement. We are now a huge family that works, learns and grows together.

We set out to make healthy, delicious and freshly prepared food easily accessible. We were determined to serve our community. This was our mission then, and still remains our mission now.

Here at Sunshine, a salad is so much more than a side dish- It is the main attraction. Our salads are carefully curated to represent different cultures and flavours. We have something that will appeal to everyone, afterall a salad is not just a meal, it is a style of eating!

Our Restaurant and Deli located in Osu reflects our values with its nature-based, relaxing ambience and our staff who are eager to serve.

Salad Bowl
Restaurant Tables

Our catering & decor service, developed alongside the restaurant, is where our true creations of food as an art form come alive. Each event is customized to suit each client -ranging from childrens’ birthdays to weddings, and everything in-between. We enjoy getting to know our clients. We aim to express individuality through events. Together, we make dreams come true.

Our team continues to grow in number and in expertise, allowing us to adapt and expand our range of services. In March 2020, our new product Sunshine Platters was launched, proudly establishing us as the first grazing company in Ghana. This product is an expression of our artful and intentional attitude towards food and wellness, brought to you in a new creative light!

How do we do it? ..our customers are our champions- and have been all along. Thank you Rays of Sunshine!!

Anita Punjabi

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Staff Member
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